What is this about?

I write about nasceant technology, the world of finance and generally any cultural crossover event where I feel there is a disparity in how things are and how things are portrayed.

Who I am

I am a student of Philosophy, Politics & Economics at the London School of Economics.

I am a person who loves to write and is just finding their way. I am a twitter stan, a football stan from Pakistan. I moved to London at the age of 12 and immigration, its toils, its sacrifices and its oppurutnity inform much of my worldview.

I had some brief stints in investment banking and I write with this finance background in mind but my creative idols are Janeway, Graeber, Taleb, Kuhn and Baudrillard. They guide my thinking.

If you want to dip your toe; Anti Fragile by Taleb is where I reccomend everyone start.

Join the crew

Subscribe! Learning is a communal process. Nobody knows everything and I rely on friendly ambitious nerds to know where to look. Lets create a community of explorers, of Huckleberry Finns, digging through the dirt to find the gems of the future.

If you wish to contact me, or if you just want a chat please:

email me fpviewtwitter ‘at’ gmail.com

tweet/DM me @raqazi